Hajnalka Sárközi

My name is Hajnalka Sárközi, I am a licenced agricultural engineer, holding a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Saint Stephan University, Hungary. Currently I am the Head of the Internal Audit Department of the Hungarian Agricultural and Rural Development Agency which is an accredited pay-office under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Nature has always played an important part in my life, I have been doing horse-riding for 25 years, I own horses and I also have cats and dogs. My attraction towards animals and plants defined my life and career orientation. Most of my jobs were in connection with the environment, either from the animal husbandry or the conservation perspective. In 2013 I have received the Ministry of Agriculture’s Pro Natura Plaquette rewarding my outstanding conservationist work on the actualization of the payment system for the High Value Natural Territories.

The protection of the environment is a core aspect of my life and though I was desperately looking for a link I had never felt before until I met PDFoundation and its founder Gyöngyi Hajnal. In the conception of the Foundation I feel the wholeness I was looking for.

The motto of PDFoundation is: “If all dormant gifts of Man were awakened, there wouldn’t be any Environmental Issue.”

We cannot force anyone to love and conserve nature unless one has the affection. 

In my opinion the laws of the environmental protection are fundamental and I am delighted by their recent tightening which resulted in more room for defense. However we must not only cure the symptoms but we have to find the source of the problem. Strict regulation only became a real solution if there is support from the society.

I believe PDF has found the right method which states if people have the chance to live  in happiness and abundance, they will automatically become nature-friendly. This idea is indeed exceptional as while guiding humans through their own growth, these factors support them to find the link to wildlife. I am truly amused by this initiative for I haven’t met a concept which parallely cures the weaknesses of environment protection and supports human accomplishment.

For me PDF’s aim to widen its operations global is exemplary because they intend to share their vision and by them they show something new to mankind.

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of such an extraordinary initiative where in cooperation with PDF we substantially act on environmental protection. I encourage everyone to start acting and cooperating as only together we are effective.

Along with their perfect vision the team of PDF is made of highly motivated, enthusiastic hard workers with specific technical knowledge. It is essential to have real alliance and support in the Foundation to reach their goals. I strongly believe that we shall support such an unusual and outstanding cause, not only for our sake, but for the Earth’s sake – we need PDF!