About us

Dear Visitors, Friends and Followers!

I had a vision of a world full of people feeling free, independent and satisfied with their lives and turn with understanding towards their mates. PDF focuses on creating a global virtual and simultaneously a real social platform to encourage and inspire all those who are ambitious to take action for their lives parallel take action to save the world in a change for the forthcoming generations. Do not wait for others to make the first step, DIY!
In many cases self-esteem shades the value of social integrity and personal responsibility.
Me and those fabulous people who joined PDF are concerned that a creative, successful personal career and life can and must go hand-in-hand with the reinterpretation of morals, strong assets of social bonding by the means of empowering self-development in order to form a community as the bundle of the greatest commonly shared internal energies which means the cradle of those exquisite individual achievements by the highest standards of human capacity.
For this reason PDF becomes visible in every platform to be raising social awareness in a nature-based context, including wildlife, natural conservation, biodiversity alike social diversity, mental welfare, and prosperity in scientific innovation along with life-long education.

Our alliances are all those institutes, public utility companies, business related forums and other organisations who are willing to share our thoughts and in return we feel the deepest honour to be their partners in all activities they perform.

We are concerned that PDF family grows faster than ever.
Join us today! Do good to yourself and to the world! Support a community by which every local action goes global right away!

Wishing the very best for all of us living in a humane unity together.

Gyöngyi Hajnal

Researcher, Lecturer, public speaker, Founder of PDF