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Preservation of Akbash Dog in Turkey

We are glad to host a video conference with Ilker Unlu next Friday, Oct27, CET 7pm.

If all the dormant gifts of Man were awaken, there wouldn't be any Environmental Issue.
-  Gyöngyi Hajnal  -

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We were glad to host a video conference with Ilker Ünlü on Friday, Oct27, CET. As a keynote speaker of the Central European Shepherd-dog Conference of May 12-13, 2018 the expert speaks about the basics of their tremendous work on saving Akbash Dog, preservation breeding in general and the authentic potentials of the specific breed. During the talk issues of inbreeding and possible relation to Kuvasz and cross-breeding opportunities between the two also have been mentioned.



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If all the dormant gifts of Man were awaken, there wouldn't be any Environmental Issue.


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New era in Humane Humanity Kuvasz Program, that makes the other Hungarian national breeds join in! Check out the making-of video on our latest photoshooting at Parádsasvár.
Dogs: Ajsa, Zita, Bogár, Hodor.
Our highest respect goes to Mr Danilo Jenkins, Panama!
The event was supported by:
Kastélyhotel Sasvár Resort, Parádsasvár, Hungary


Organic farming and clean eating was in the focus on PDFoundation's latest event in the series of Eco-days For Schools. Gábor Dénes Vocational School and Vasvári Pál Vocational School, Szeged, Hungary hosted the sports programs and presentations for 9-10 grades.