Global and Regional Impact Strategies

In our modern world interpersonal and multinational communication routine has exploded the traditional notions of social relations. This procedure concluded in the formation of a global social sphere melting inside its womb the whole humankind. Accordingly a treasure-trove of opportunities and new orientations opened up. Persistent is the query if our true personal identity and global personality can be conformed, or naturally they have a paradoxical relation. We believe that human beings are dedicated with harmony and balance.

PDFoundation Global and Regional Impact Strategies Program embraces communication platform connected virtual and physical experiences and hands it over to participants to empower them with the recognition of their own fulfillment and appropriateness for life. Awareness in sensitivity of natural resources, and activities that construct the impression of self-responsibility and do-ability educate people to the values of their personal engagement and actions on a daily basis. In contrast and accordingly the natural routine of communication in wildlife it gets spontaneous to observe how successfully it is possible to cooperate with others having utterly different characteristics. Self-identification process in connection to multi-cultural and multi-ethnical experiences leads to the broadening and strengthening of consciousness.

Governed by the professional guidance of Anett Kiss, President of PDFoundation, an introduction into mediatory world occurs through natural patterns and personal engagement towards both nature with healthy lifestyle and modernity with its great achievements. PDFoundation Global and Regional Impact Strategies Program reaches out to all who feel enthusiasm for experiencing and witnessing life globally-wide and identity-wise.

It is a great delight to have the opportunity to work together with the members of our team, in which Anett Kiss is a key figure in this field communication strategies. Her professional heart and acknowledged routine is a guarantee to a carefully contrived, precisely planned, accurately organised, and passionately performed programs.

Gyöngyi Hajnal