Corporate Social Responsibility Program

All initiatives that are to support the individual participation in society play a key role in our modern era. In our communities institutes are established to serve the socialization process of its members. These social institutions maintain cultural, generational unity and manage interest groups. Though there are certain social functions that they are not dedicated to satisfy, nevertheless, these needs are also embody true demands in society. Structures that require institutionalized system to transmit messages are hardly can convey empowerment of a personalized sphere. One-to-one interactions are much more to the field of civilian activity. PDFoundation team believes that a socially active and individually creative person dependent to both form of intervention through education.

PDFoundation Corporate Social Responsibility Program is engaged to serve the society with its personalized programs towards those aims. It targets to summon dormant gifts and creativity out from a human psyche, its transmission to a daily stage of performance that is being fueled with dynamic management. Accordingly to our expectations participants may experience their own nature through natural connections in the interpersonal sphere and connections in Nature. Referring to all the above our syllabuses are formulated to approach the diversity-based gaps between age groups, and to alleviate the absence of knowledge and experience in relation to natural capital and ecosystem reserves with jobs.

Monthly events of ours are the Tea-parties which appeal growing interest, where visitors are presented an insight to the idea of a corporate social responsibility program, in order to get contacted directly to those who PDFoundation serves. With our fundraising program they can become our fellows in the social adventure, building and thinking organically.

The My Joy is Yours events are designed to call all individuals, communities, civil associations who feel receptive to the messages and personalized dedications being conveyed in the first phase. Participants are expected to merge into the theory and ethics of PDFoundation Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

It is a great delight to have the opportunity to work together with the members of our team, in which Anikó Haefflerné Greilich is a key figure in this field. Her professional past and acknowledged career is a guarantee to a carefully contrived, precisely planned, accurately fundrased, and passionately performed programs.

Gyöngyi Hajnal