Humane Humanity Kuvasz Program

Humane Humanity Program is on the strong basis that as a scientific researcher, analyst and strategic advisor I brought to life, a system that drives renewal into societies lives from a certain socio-cultural aspect. Fortunately, this thesis had significant success and a wider range of followers even at the Overseas. One of its major element, pillar is to employ a bearer, a character that makes the messages travel and helps the decoding. In Humane Humanity Program it is the Kuvasz who acts this way. The logic behind the ancient positioning of the breed, the services it produced to the societies during ages does equal with this modernized concept. The similar image that made our forefathers to hire the breed as shepherd dogs, hunt dogs, or temple protectors. As you may know in Hungary the Government prioritized the aim to the quality preservation and the creation a respected future for the 9 national breeds, including Kuvaszok. In order to propel the progress it issued the so called State Genetic Promotion Program. Some days ago I had the opportunity to pay a visit at the National Coordinator's Office and to make a presentation on Humane Humanity Program. Following my speech the Coordinator stated that it seemed to be certain that Kuvasz in this newish positioning could have a much wider space for being highly respected and enjoy prosperity. So PDFoundation's Humane Humanity Program has been provided a call to participate in the State Genetic Promotion Program as the one organized by complemental sciences.
Human welfare, balancedness, creativity, ambitiousness and flexibility are all terms which are in dependance to an outward actor, a source of motivation, something that awakens up the dormant side of ours. Throughout history nations of the old past, like the Scythians, the Huns, who's descendants are the Hungarians for today have prioritized these abilities being awakened. The cultural heritage have preserved the original roots to its image. The baselines have been integrated into practical economical, political, legal and commercial routines that became soon specialities known as Central European approach to the Living.
The highly extended use of dogs as guardians of the wealth of the properties, the stock, the country, and the self cover identical logic in the background. They all point at the same pole. PDFoundation with Humane Humanity Program attempts to rediscover this centre of culture, core of values, and fair dignity of human beings. Our partners are the Kuvaszok one by one who serve as always Men's best friend and compass.  
Our aim at PDFoundation is to open up the gates to every Kuvasz breeders and owners by time, who feel like joining in even residing outside of the borderlines.
Till then we are very grateful for your kind interest and support. Please share your ideas with us.
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