Joyful May in PDFoundation Eco-garden

Newcomers and blooming residents fill with their lively energies the Eco-garden of PDFoundation. May brings the most odourful season and colours of full spectrum. Such a luck we had by that the countrywide early Spring stormy and freezing weather avoided our region. No anomalies hit the garden. No damages, no frozen leaves unlike in other less fortunate regions. Showers arrived here but right on time to give a huge wake-up call for the seeds in the soil. Beds were fully mucked and prepared by the beginning of the month. Gardening plan has been set.

Nevertheless, this year brings extra challenges, while the moderate Winter left pesticides and other causative agents alive and powerful enough to defeat our fruit trees in such an enormous number. It is public knowledge that eco-gardening is highly sensitive and demanding for biologically friendly chemicals. Fortunately throughout the past long years we have discovered all reliable solutions and we are perfectly aware of which is the most impactful product among our local circumstances. In your own garden you should also spare some time to get the focus of best offers of the market as well. It absolutely worths the troubles. Never forget! No identical things work for you than anybody else. Be patient and you will be awarded amazingly with wonderful veggies and juicy fruits of your own eco-garden.

Most of the crops are already out at our place. Tiny salad, carrots and radish with their first leaves peep the world around. All of them are such beauties. Sunflower, squash and crown are the most ambitious this May. Grow as giants do. Thanks for the wet weather weeds are urging as well causing troubles to get rid of them. Ecogardening does not tolerate chemicals in this field so the good old techniques help you out at this phase.

Early in the morning. Almost dew was on the leaves out there when a car stopped at the farm. Big day was it today! Special newcomers, who we eagerly expected for a long time, finally have arrived to our site. Baby tomato plants well-chosen for PDFoundation eco program were in the four large boxes that came from a far away agricultural lab (ÖMKI). PDFoundation team feels delighted to participate in a scientific program to pilot-test aboriginal species of tomatoes. Our location is the first partner of this program in the region, so the development of the PDFoundation plantation is especially highlighted. In the cooperation all together from the 4 basic types 80 plants have been embedded into our Eco-garden, which is at Szatymaz, Csongrád county, Hungary. The climate here is pretty close to the average mediterranean with lots of sunshine throughout the year. This experiment requires a punctual documentation both in written, administrative and media form.
We have the best hopes that in the future by using among others' our results and experiences mean a valuable helping hand during the selection process of the satisfactory species for professional organic use at plantations region-wide.