Meet-Up Rendezvous Campaign

Our Meet-Up Rendezvous Campaign is on the fast track to expand absolutely country-wide. Kuvasz Poll brochure filling-in, chats, lectures on Kuvasz breed and the other 8 Hungarian national dogbreeds give the skeleton to our gatherings. The list of destinations from the past week where we were present check here below,

Budapesti Zoo; History of Railway Transportation Park, Budapest; Hajdúság Museum and Café, Hajdúböszörmény; Rakamaz; Reformed Church and Visitor Centre, Vizsoly; Tokaj Vintage Festival; Rákóczi Vaults, Tokaj; Coronation Park, Székesfehérvár; Bory Castle, Székesfehérvár; Szent István Church Square, Székesfehérvár; Szombathely Main Square; Agora Savaria Cultural Centre, Szombathely; Vasi Outdoor Museum.

We are delighted to have the support and appreciation from the management of these festivals, owners, leadership and management of the above mentioned destinations and tourist centres. Our events became much more exquisite by the presence of those who attended through Meet-Up and the passers-by who felt like joining in regardless their strong schedule! Kuvasz breeds and the other 8 national breeds of Hungary seemingly captured lots of interest and generated a huge brainstorming!

Our activist make the motor run! They are the fuel to all of our events and the process it went country-wide viral. Huge thank-you Guys!

Only Together We Win!