PDFoundation Sienna Club

The first meeting of our club was held jointly with the Conservatory of Music of Sienna. The spectacular Tuscan view provided an attractive setting for this event. Following the principle that “Music in Nature, Nature in Music” we explored compositions of Vivaldi, Biber, SaintGSaens and Messiaen, for a journey to the “World of Sound”.
The discovery of the pieces and “performers” in the respective musical compositions, the chirping birds, the sounds of the creek, the storm, the elephant was a great experience for the attending children and adults alike. The cuckoo bird’s calling turned out to be the favorite by the end of the afternoon. Subsequently, we attempted to imitate the singing of the cuckoo family by improvising with instruments, violin, recorder, psalterium and piano to give a “concert” to the audience.
Overall, this was an exciting experience for all to discover that the sounds of nature are not rigid but follow a pulsating rhythm of their own. Inspired by the musical compositions, the sounds of nature and the interrelationships discovered between the two, all in attendance left with and increased awareness of the multiple and fascinating sounds of our environment. We will continue these meetings during the Summer Camp of the Sienna Conservatorium in June.