Dóra Karancsi

My name is Dora Gyuris-Karancsi. I consider myself receptive to the variety of our  beautiful Earth and for the extensive cognition of the global existence of humanity. Nature and mankind can not exist without each other - it is an axiom that unfortunately most people does not take seriously enough. Humans shape their environment through their deeds. Mother Earth has been provided to be preserved for our grandchildren and is respected by only some and even a few of these are able to grow their awareness to the preferable stage.

PDFoundation intends to form a harmonic relationship between people and nature by the sustainable development of our Earth which can ensure individual fulfillment. The key is the individual and social liability that enhances mutual development to each other that works through establishing an independent mindset aiming cultural diversity.

I have visited many countries and got acquainted with different cultures since my childhood. I am working as a tour operator and tour guide. Generally, people travel  in search of a recharge, getting away from daily frustration. They can discover attractions and gather unforgettable memories. On the other hand, if one visits another country usually takes his/her own cultural view and through its lens sees the new environment. I am fond of traveling which means a special opportunity to meet alien ways of thinking. My self discovery gets catalyzed during these adventures.

‘The biggest impact of all travels and experiences on abroad is to highlight the value of our own culture.’ (Judit Hidasi)

Consequently, traveling should not be considered as detraction or exploitation of natural and cultural values, but admiration and incorporation with them is best to signify the approach.

PDFoundation’s framework enables me to guide people how they can form local and global environment responsibly. The quest for the harmonious world structure requires individual, communal and global unity as principles. My aim is to widen the horizons and assure a more beautiful and happier life for responsible thinkers who may connect continents.