Mentorship and Encouragement Program

During our lives devotedness governs us to wonderous heights, climbing which self-appropriateness of one becomes visible. And still our devoted heart leads us to success, great impact, when living those vivid moments we feel fully empowered. But what if out of the blue something supervenes ruining our wonderland? Emotionally grievous is to realize the loss. How to manage and handle disappointment, avoid self-reproach, and turn all into active creative powers?

PDFoundation Mentorship and Encouragement Program undertakes conductive trainings utilizing spontaneous cohesion of human beings with natural actors among natural circumstances and natural resource management in order to inaugurate people to the positive solutions. By invoking the fountain of innate cultural relations of one humanity propels recognition of the oneself, stability, self-image as an individual and social being, formation and managing life plans. It is less about technique, but much about Nature's meeting our natural inmost.

PDFoundation Mentorship and Encouragement Program events are carefully constructed and performed in cooperation with our acknowledged professional partners in the field of biodiversity, ecological farming, sports, arts and healthcare combined with modern toolkits in education. Our program calls everyone who intends to discover his/her dormant gifts in order to build a prosperous future for himself/herself and for our global community. 

It is a great delight to have the opportunity to work together with the members of our team, in which Györgyi Tóthné Szedunka is a key figure in this field. Her professional past and acknowledged career is a guarantee to a carefully contrived, precisely planned, accurately financed, and passionately performed programs. 

Gyöngyi Hajnal
founder, researcher, social entrepreneur