Specially Violets Program

For PDFoundation the sharp goal is to unfold the individuality and re-find the cooperation between human and nature. Specially Violets takes part in PDF’s educational programs and focusing on the mission to evolve the youngest by ensuring the widest range of possibilities for them to open their personality.

Our emotions, thoughts, voice, interests, abilities and motions are always involved by our own soul and consciousness built up by our great experiences.  In everyday life we learn, change and behave- moreover reach for others the best through the awareness of our own body and spirit.

Specially Violets’ playful occupations let all the essentials for individual and social impacts through arts, creative activities, and motions in which every special child can find their needs, talent, capacities, beauty and emotional power in the narrow and wide social life. Sole diagnostics also helps personal processes to find keys for solutions.

Individual and team sessions also flow with the waves of cooperating with Mother Nature, awaking mankind in the very early ages to discover and interpret natural and human values and their coexistence shape.

If you are ready to change and learn about yourself and the whole Globe you are welcome.